We deliver support in airport transfers, international money transfer and in obtaining local mobile sim cards.
We suggest good hotels with guest - friendly ayurvedic therapy packages and facilitate local sightseeing and touring within the state.

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Hello Friend ! I am Balu. I am from Kerala. I was born and reared in Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala, located at the southern end of the state.
I work as a tour facilitator, guide and taxi driver. I am also an interpreter and trustworthy travel agent.
My intimate knowledge of this city and its environs are my USP. This Is my little startup to assist people who come to Kerala for sightseeing or for ayurvedic medical care and therapy.
I can help you find the very Best tourist spots and Hotels, Beaches, Hospitals, Ayurvedic resorts & Hospitals, Yoga schools, Dental clinics, Hospitals that treat sight and hearing problems, Cosmetic clinics, Acupuncture clinics, Beauty parlours, Nail art studios, Pharmacies, Restaurants, Shopping places, Historical musium's, Old palace, Pilgrim Temples etc.


About Us


We are a boutique tour guide agency specializing in private guided tours and ayurveda packages in Kerala. We are based in Trivandrum at the southern end of Kerala and our services include sightseeing tours, ayurvedic day treatment packages as well as airport pickups. We are committed to showing you the most beautiful and authentic side of Kerala and make your trip exceptional and unforgettable.

We have an extensive list of tours and services. However, we are fully flexible and we can offer you made-to-measure programs and making sure we include your interests and expectations. Whether your passion is food, religion, nature, history, or ayurveda, or all of the above, we can tailor the perfect plan for you! We can also assist you with shopping and local sim cards.

Our Services

Kerala Ayurveda Tours

We arrange online consultation with speciality ayurvedic doctors to book appropriate treatment packages

We also arrange consultations for those who are unable to come here for treatment and prescribe herbal medication according to their health issues. These medicines can be shipped to locations desired by our clients.

Kerala Ayurveda Tours

We offer accommodation booking and complimentary airport transfer to recommended Ayurveda hospitals or hotels. You will attend an initial consultation by the Ayurvedic doctor who will then guide you on booking the right treatment package based on your health condition. The accommodation will be in comfortable, clean and cozy cottages. All food served will follow the Ayurvedic diet. Recreational activities include yoga and meditation classes, and sightseeing tours. "Feel free to reach out to us for access to a carefully selected list of Ayurveda hospitals and hotels"

Kerala Ayurveda Tours

Be it for business or pleasure, for short stays or for long stays, we can arrange for you comfortable accommodation suited to your needs at regular hotel rooms, homestays or apartments, in keeping with your wishes.

Kerala Ayurveda Tours

If you are a believer in alternative systems of wisdom, we can organise an appointment with elderly, highly respected astrologers with thorough traditional training and impeccable professional lineage. They will be people who can communicate comfortably in English.

Kerala Ayurveda Tours

If you are planning to visit Kerala for a yoga vecation we can assist you to book a very good hotel with yoga classes. Along with that we can book you yoga ashrams. And also provide you with a yoga certificate course.

We offer
  • Hathayoga
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Chanting Bhajan
  • Kriyas
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Teaching practice
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Trataka Meditation
  • Satsang
  • Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurveda Tours

Your journey begins as we warmly welcome you at Kochi International Airport.

1 night in Kochi : Sightseeing in Muttanchery Jewish Street, and Dutch Palace
2 nights in Munnar : Explore tea plantations, Spice Garden, Chocolate Factory, and Tea Factory, Enjoy a Jeep Safari and adventurous activities
1 night in Thekkady : Experience Periyar Wildlife boating and enjoy martial arts and fusion Kathakali performances

1 night in Alappy House Boat : Continue to Alappuzha for an overnight stay in a Houseboat renowned for its scenic houseboat cruises through the serene Kerala backwaters
1 night in Varkala Beach andJatayu Earth's Center : Move to Varkala Beach for an overnight stay and explore the Jatayu Earth's Center, the world's largest bird sculpture.
7 days Ayurveda Retreat near Kovalam Beach : Embark on a transformative 7-day Ayurveda package near Kovalam Beach, offering a scenic beach view. Ayurveda package includes personalized consultations with the doctor, yoga and meditation sessions, and nourishing Ayurvedic meals. Experience healing in a peaceful beach setting.
For your convenience, we also offer a half-day city tour in Trivandrum including elephant feeding and visit to Kanyakumari Beach, allowing you to explore the beauty of the surroundings.

Conclude your journey with a drop-off at Trivandrum International Airport.
If you require an Ayurveda stay exceeding seven days, we can customize the duration to meet your specific needs and preferences.


We take your SAFETY very seriously. We are all well acquainted with current events and are up to date with any security situations. Our tour vehicles are also all regulated, insured, and impeccably maintained.

24/7 support to each tour, ready to set anything to your need – VIP Airport service, transfers, restaurants, shopping guidance,ayurveda package, hotel bookings and more.


Single-day tours are the most effective and comfortable way to cover certain destinations. They are also a perfect solution if you are limited on time. Our list of carefully crafted schedules for day tours will provide the maximal tour experience at any site and can be customized in any way you wish. The tours can be arranged to depart from anywhere in Kerala. To top it all, at the end of the day tour, we can arrange for you to be dropped at an airport on time, at no extra cost. Led by our expert guides, we promise you an unforgettable experience

We also provide package tours to Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Alappuzha, Kanyakumari and places of pilgrimage.


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Kerala Ayurveda Tours

Ayurveda with 25 years of History

Choose from some of the most popular Ayurveda packages in Kerala. Each package comes with stay in a luxurious suite, a doctor’s consultation, therapies administered in your in-suite spa, all meals, yoga/ meditation classes and much more. If you need help deciding which package is right for you


Speciality Treatments

Kerala Ayurveda Tours

Ayurveda and panchakarma treatments.

We are here to assist you in reserving a superior Ayurveda hospital or hotel. We provide airport pick-up and drop-off services, ensuring a seamless journey. During your stay, our expert doctors will collaborate with you post-consultation to curate an ideal treatment plan based on your health condition. You will enjoy the comfort of clean and cozy cottages, savor Ayurvedic dietary options, participate in rejuvenating yoga and meditation classes, and explore the local culture through guided sightseeing tours. Once your treatment package is completed, we will arrange complimentary airport transportation. Feel free to reach out to us for access to a carefully selected list of Ayurveda hospitals and hotels. Your path to wellness begins with a simple contact.

    Rasayana or rejuvenation is a traditional ayurvedic therapy to restore the body's vitality to its full capacity. It is defined as any herb,food,or activity that cures disease and grants youthfulness.Rejuvination therapy helps in tone the skin and strengthening body tissues to facilitate longevity.
    It is the process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of vatha,pitha and kapha based on panchakarma and Swetha karma treatment.This package process include body massage, snehapanam, Nasyam, Virechanam (medicated purgation), sneha vasthi, kashaya vasthi, Dhara, Pizhichil, Njavarakizhi, Karnapooranam, Tharpanam, Sirovasthi and internal herbal medicines
    Slimming package include proper treatments,diet ,yoga and meditations to loose weight naturally.It prevents the harmful effect that can occur due to obesity.
    This program include special treatments for neck pain and lower back pain due to various conditions like muscular conditions,spondylosis,spondylitis,ankylosing spondylitis,disc problems etc.
    This package helps to improve the mental health of the patient by various treatments, yoga, meditations and also with some internal herbal preparations.
    This treatments specially developed for the needs of your skin .It strengthens the natural beauty of the body.
    According to Ayurveda ,when the body is not in harmony it causes distress,disease and discomfort.This treatment in Kerala focuses on curing degenerative disease and prolonging life by harmonizing the mind ,body and soul through purification,nourishment and rejuvenation
Kerala Ayurveda Tours


If you're in search of the perfect spa and wellness center, look no further! We're your trusted source for recommendations that will elevate your relaxation and rejuvenation to a whole new level.

  • Swedish Massage:
    Increases circulation, improves overall skin and muscle tone, leaves you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.
  • Deep Tissue Massage:
    Strengthens skeletal system and restores vitality.
  • Executive Reviver:
    Relieves Stress and Strain.
  • Reflexology:
    Drains away stress while restoring a natural flow of energy in the body.
  • Sports and Fitness:
    Relieves aches, stiffness and improves joint's mobility.
  • Aroma Foot and Leg Massage :
    Reduces swelling, relieves weariness and improves circulation.
  • Spine Recoup:
    Gently brings your mind and body back into a healthy balance.
  • Signature Massage:
    A blend of Indian and Western techniques to harmonize yourself to a world of ultimate wellness.
Kerala Ayurveda Tours
Kerala Ayurveda Tours

Dental care

For those grappling with dental ailments, rest assured, our super-specialty dental clinics are here to provide exceptional care and solutions. Get in touch with us for further details and embark on your journey to a healthier, brighter smile.


  • Periocare - Cleaning and polishing
  • Deep cleaning
  • Gum treatment with medication and laser
  • Tooth whitening
  • Artificial teeth fixing
  • Fillings back teeth
  • Front teeth (cosmetic fillings)
  • Smile Designing
  • Tooth extraction
  • Root canal treatment
  • Implants
Kerala Ayurveda Tours

Nail art studios

If you're interested in nail art, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our studio offers two kinds of manicures and pedicures, as well as permanent and semi-permanent gel polish.

  • Nail prepration
  • Soaking
  • Scrubbing
  • Massaging
  • Pack
  • Moisturizing
  • Polish application
  • Nail prepration
  • Pushing
  • Cuticle care and cutting
  • Shaping
  • Buffing
  • Clencing
  • Polish application
  • Massage
Kerala Ayurveda Tours

Cosmetic Clinics

We assure you good quality and result oriented services with world class machines & well trained staffs.Each procedures are guided by highly qualified doctors.patient- friendly ambience and hygiene environment is yet another our quality.


  • Improve appearance of Skin
  • Slows The Aging Process
  • Reduce stress
  • Immune Booster
  • Skin lightening
  • Carbon laser facial
  • Hydra facial
  • Oxygeno facial
  • Vampire facial
  • Laser toning
  • Acne scar reduction
  • Chemical peels
  • MNRF
  • GFC face
  • PRP face
  • Microblading
  • BB glow
  • Eyebrow micropigmentation
  • Lip micro pigmentation
  • Forehead line
  • Crow's feet
  • Bunny lines
  • Frown lines
  • Eyebrow lift
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Lines around the mouth
  • Exess hair loss
  • Alopecia
  • Baldness male/female
  • Beard moustache transplantation
  • Hair transplantation
  • Dandruff treatment
  • Advanced PRP
  • GFC
  • Lip filler
  • Under eye filler
  • Glow filler
  • Skin booster injunction

Don't let vision and hearing challenges hold you back – we're here to guide you to the finest clinics that specialize in restoring your senses. Reach out to us, and let us light the path towards a brighter and clearer future for you.

If you require emergency medical support, we can also assist you in locating super-specialty hospitals in your vicinity.

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